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Taxi'Information - regulations

Can a taxi go to any destination ?

Yes. A taxi can pick up a client at any point, and drop him off at any destination within its municipality.
A driver may also, of course, accept a fare outwith his municipality, but strictly on reservation.

Why is there already a sum on the meter when the taxi arrives ?

Because from the moment you call and place your order, the taxi must travel to collect you at the agreed pick-up point.
This is included in the price, and is the sum you see displayed on the meter.

What is the difference between day-time and night-time rates ?

Night-time rates are applicable between 19h (7p.m.) and 07h(7a.m.), as well as on Sundays and on public holidays. In Savoie, night-time rates are 50% higher than day-time rates.

Can I be asked to pay for the taxi’s return trip ?

No – the meter is equipped to calculate and include the taxi’s return trip after dropping off the customer. The only time a passenger may be asked to pay for the return trip is if he asks the driver to wait in order to take him back to his point of departure, then changes his mind and decides to stay. In that case, the driver will subtract the 3.00 euros service charge from the sum on the meter, will multiply the remaining sum by 2, then add the 3.00 service charge back on.

Is it possible to obtain a receipt for the trip ?

Yes. A receipt must be provided for any fare equal to or above the sum of 25 euros. A receipt must also be provided, whatever the fare, if the customer requests it.
NB: A receipt is not the same thing as a bill. If a properly drawn-up bill is needed, the customer must request it specifically.

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